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Ice Airport Alaska follows operations at Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage, Alaska. One of the world's busiest cargo airports where staff work relentlessly to keep the airport open 24/7 under harsh conditions with temperatures as low as -38 Celsius and winds over 100 mph.


Rare TV for Smithsonian    8 x 60

Shooting Producer/Director: Darren Green

Series Producer: Tom Thompson

Series Exec: Christian Broadhurst

Heli-Plane Rescue

Alpha Aviation has been called in to mount an operation to recover a crashed plane on top of North America's highest mountain range: Denali National Park...but time is against them.

Airborne 911

LifeMed is Alaska's premier medical evacuation service safely transporting seriously ill or injured patients while providing life-saving medical care. With their fleet of 15 helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, and modified Learjets – they are Alaska’s 24/7 first response in an emergency.


Tuesday's Child for E4    4 x 60

Shooting Producer/Director: Darren Green

Edit Producer: Darren Green

Series Producer: Paul Golding

Series Exec: Steph Harris

With unparalleled access behind the scenes at the British Museum, Great British History Hunters follow a characterful cast of passionate metal detectorists and archaeologists following the treasures they’ve unearthed as they pass through the  Portable Antiquities Scheme making their way from mud to the museum.

Hovercraft Hunters

Friends Simon and Steve are keen Mudlarks, scouring the Thames for hidden historical treasures. However, instead of walking the shores with a bucket and spade in hand...they traverse the moon-like mud flats in their customised hovercraft.

Roman Haul

A 200-year haul of Roman coins was discovered in the southwest of England, requiring an emergency archaeological dig and the expertise of the British Museum's conservation team to unearth the truth behind and why the treasure was buried.


Boundless for BBC1    2 x 60

Shooting Producer/Director: Darren Green

Edit Producer: Darren Green

Production Manager: Nathan Middleton

Series Exec: Ben Mitchell

This Is My Song invites ordinary people to work with some of the music industry's most talented producers, to create a track for a very personal reason.


After a lifetime of suffering with cystic fibrosis, an agonising wait on the transplant donor list and a double lung transplant later, Charles heads to the studio to put his new lungs to the test and mark the momentous milestone of having made it through to the other side.

Earl Preston and the TTs

Having once beaten The Beatles in a battle of the bands during the 60's, the band has gotten back together to play for the first time in 50 years. With the help of music producer Naughty Boy, they embark on the journey of reliving the magic of their youths.

ACCUSED: Guilty or Innocent

Brinkworth for A+E    2 x 60

Shooting Producer/Director: Darren Green

Series Editor: Sam Eastall

Series Exec: Jonny Young

The Accused tells the dramatic stories of people at the most vital and most terrifying moments of their lives. With unprecedented access, it reveals the true inside story of what happens when you are accused of a serious crime. Accused: Guilty or Innocent is an exploration of the emotional and situational challenges involved when your freedom, your reputation, and your family are on the line. ​

  • Nominated for Best Single Documentary at the Royal Television Society Awards

  • The Guardian: “An intimate, gripping study of the justice system at work”

  • The Sunday Times: “A first for British television” 

Screwdriver Stabbing or Defending my Family?


High Point, North Carolina, April 5, 2019: 19-year-old, Dejvi Velia attacks a customer who assaulted his brother and attempted to steal from their family-run gas station. Was it attempted murder or self-defense?

"Reckless Driver or Tragic Accident?’


In rural Alabama, 59-year-old Margaret Culp has been facing murder charges for the last 7 years for killing her best friend. After a tragic accident involving a head-on crash with an 18-wheeler, Margaret has lost everything and is finally approaching her day in court.


Wildflame for C5    1 x 60

Shooting Producer/Director: Darren Green

Edit Producer: Darren Green

Lead Producer: Sophie Fairs

Series Exec: Llinos Griffin-Williams

A salaciously titled one-hour doc looking into the world and characters behind the quirky world of hand modelling.


Emporium for C5    1 x 60

Shooting Producer/Director: Darren Green

Series Producer: Eleanor Brocklehurst

Series Exec: David Emerson

A long-running obs doc series following families from the bottom 10% of the wealth divide as they swap lives for a week with those from the top 10%.

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